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Trademark Use Policy

Hospitality v-Marketing creates for the hospitality industry innovative online sales and marketing products. The brands that HvM™ uses to promote these products are recognized by customers, which makes them extremely valuable to HvM. Proper use of our trademarks helps maintain and increase the value of our brands. The following trademark guidelines are provided to facilitate consistent, proper use of HvM trademarks.

Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc. Trademarks

Hospitality v-Marketing maintains many trademarks for its products and services. Click here to view the list. Some examples of our trademarks are the word “Hospitality v-Marketing,” the blue circle with its interconnected dark blue arrows, and the words “Hospitality v-Marketing.” Most, if not all, of our product names are trademarks.


You may not use Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc. HvM to refer to our products or services, unless you are authorized to do so directly from HvM, or receive authorization from us by purchasing our products which bare its brand name(s). if one or both of these conditions are not meet, then you are unauthorized to use any variation of our product or service Trademarks. If you are authorized by a valid license to use a HvM Product Trademark, we require the following guidelines be meet:

  • A HvM trademark should not be used in a manner that would suggest that the trademark is owned by a person other than HvM. A Hospitality v-Marketing trademark must not be used in a way that makes a customer think that HvM sponsors another party’s product, or that another party is the sponsor or creator of a HvM product.

The corporate logo consists of the letters “HvM” and the blue circle with its interconnected dark blue arrows design. You may not use the corporate logo without prior, written permission from Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc. Where the corporate logo appears on HvM products or marketing literature provided to you with your product, you may not remove, cover or alter the corporate logo or any trademarks thereupon.

HvM’s trade dress is the look and feel of our business. This style includes the format, colors, templates, labels, or other promotional materials created by HvM. You may not copy or imitate HvM’s or our product trade dress, website, packaging or advertising materials.
If you are licensed to use the HvM logo, you may use it only pursuant to our corporate logo guidelines.

You may not remove, cover or alter the HvM logo or trademarks where they appear on any products, packaging or other materials provided to you by Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc.

Hospitality v-Marketing reserves all ownership rights to our trademarks, including all rights to the HvM name and logo. Therefore:
You may not register top-level domain names with our trademarks or trade names in them or use subdomains with our trademarks in them. This prohibition includes the trademark “Hospitality v-Marketing,” or “HvM”.

  • You may not use, incorporate or combine any of our trademarks into your product names, business names, slogans or trade names.
  • You may not combine any HvM trademark with your trademarks or the trademark of any third party.
  • You may not use or register, or apply to register any trademark that is the same as, or confusingly similar to any Hospitality v-Marketing trademark.

You may not use our trademarks in your slogans, or adopt or use our slogans, in whole or in part, as your own. You may not use our slogans in a manner that confuses or misleads customers.

Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc. reserves all ownership rights to our trademarks, including all rights to the Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc. name and logo. Therefore: You may link to our website at, from your website, provided that you notify the website user that they are being re-directed to the HvM website.

Examples of acceptable language are:

  • “Click here to visit the Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc. website.”
  • “Clicking this link will re-direct you to the Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc. website.”

Our trademarks may never be used as possessives. You may not abbreviate, shorten or use a “nickname” for any Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc. trademark. The following examples show correct and incorrect usage:

  • Correct use: The Hospitality v-Marketing v-Brochure™ is great product.
    Incorrect use: The Hospitality v-Marketing v-Brochure has nice features.
  • Correct use: The HvM v-Brochure™ is a sales and marketing tool.
    Incorrect use: The HvM VB is a sales and marketing tool.

Every time you use a Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc. trademark in the text of a document, you must follow it with the proper descriptor. If you are unsure of the proper descriptor, please consult Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc. Some examples of trademarks with the proper descriptors are:

  • The v-Brochure™ sales and marketing tool
  • The v-Blast™ email marketing tool
  • The v-floorPlan™ floor plan viewer

If you use Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc. trademarks on your website or refer to them in your printed marketing materials or advertising of Hospitality v-Marketing products, you must provide a notice in your document that tells the reader who owns the trademark. Attribution is usually provided in the credit line of a printed document directly following a copyright notice. An example of proper attribution is:

  • “v-Brochure is a trademark of Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc.”

You may not use the Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc. trademarks on any of your promotional materials PROVIDED existing on products created by Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc. You must obtain authorization from Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc. prior to using our trademarks in any advertising materials, regardless of the medium.