Hospitality v-Marketing™ Trademark Notice

Not all trademarks used by Hospitality v-Marketing may be listed on this page. Hospitality v-Marketing’s practice is to list only the most important of its common law marks. Failure of a mark to appear on this page does not mean that Hospitality v-Marketing does not use the mark nor does it mean that the product is not actively marketed or is not significant within its relevant market.

Those trademarks followed by (®) are registered trademarks of Hospitality v-Marketing in the United States; all others are trademarks or common law marks of Hospitality v-Marketing in the United States.

Last Update: 24 JAN 2015

This is a current listing of some of the trademarks owned by Hospitality v-Marketing, Inc initiated 2009.

  • Hospitality v-Marketing™ (® in progress)
  • HvM™
  • v-Application™ (® in progress)
  • v-Marketing™ (® in progress)
  • v-Family™
  • v-Brochure™ (® in progress)
  • v-salesKit™ (® in progress)
  • v-meetingPlanner™ (® in progress)
  • v-bridalKit™ (® in progress)
  • v-Portfolio™ (® in progress)
  • v-hotelContent™
  • v-Cluster™ (® in progress)
  • v-Blast™
  • v-Movie™
  • v-slideShow™
  • v-Flash™
  • v-HDMovie™
  • v-contactCard™
  • v-floorPlan™ (® in progress)
  • v-RFP™
  • v-bidBook™
  • v-siteTour™ (® in progress)
  • v-handBook™
  • v-Card™
  • Eco-friendly Marketing Solution(s)™

These marks may not be used without specific grant of license.