With 14+ years of experience creating digital imagery for the world’s leading hotel brands, our clients are assured of their brand’s approval – guaranteed.


With years of experience comes exposure to various conditions, locations and property types. Our work on location is always easy, unobtrusive and well organized.


Each year we upgrade our camera equipment, drones, computers and software to ensure superior imagery. These upgrades maintain attractive imagery.



Off and on-location production is vital for final product quality. HvM employs production methods to generate exceptional image quality and to shorten delivery times.


What hotel brands has HvM worked with?

We have worked with major brands to include Hilton, HYATT, InterContinental, Kimpton, Marriott and Starwood brands as well as independent and boutique properties.

I've read that my photos are guaranteed, please explain this.

This means that each brand required photo we produce is guaranteed to be accepted by the brand. To-date, every photo has been accepted on the first submission. If however there should ever be an issue, HvM will correct any problem without any additional expense.

What is included with photography fees?

The below items are included in all photography packages with no additional fees:

  1. Photo editing: removal of most cords, signs, vents, sprinkler heads, fire alarms, minor reflections, minor obstructions.
  2. Photo enhancement: geometrical and color corrections, color evenness.
  3. Multi-format simultaneous image capture: still, 360 and video
  4. Brand approved property prop styling
  5. HvM’s v-APP™ v-Brochure
  6. Ground transpiration costs (car rental, taxi, shuttle)
  7. Air transportation costs: airfare, baggage and equipment cargo
How long does it take to book a photoshoot?

Under normal conditions we generally book a hotel shoot between 2-4 weeks prior to the desired time frame of the property. For example, a property to have their photoshoot the third week of August should book between the last week of July and the first week of August.

How many days will a photoshoot take?

This is largely dependent on the complexity of the shoot, but here are estimations based on property type:

  • Economy: 1-2 days
  • Limited/Select Service: 2-4 days
  • Upscale/Luxury: 4-8 days
  • Resort: 3-7 days
  • Luxury Resort: 6-14 days
How may proofs will I see of my hotel?

Most properties will see a minimum of:

  • 80 still proofs
  • 10 360 proofs
  • 20 video clips
How will I view my photography proofs?

HvM has a site dedicated to our proofing system called, “HvM Lightbox.” This system allows for the selections of your photos and also the ability to make comments on the edits your property needs. (Please also see the F.A.Q “What is included with photography fees?”)

How long will it take after my photoshoot to see my proofs?

HvM employs advanced production techniques to allow our clients to see the photos while we are still onsite. Generally, by the time we leave the property, managers have had the opportunity to see all the photos we’ve taken.

How long will it take for my final photos to be delivered?

We expect a maximum of 30 days post photoshoot to deliver your final product. In most cases, your final photos can be delivered within 2 weeks after your photoshoot provided you make your selections quickly.

How long will my proofs be stored after my photo shoot?

All captured imagery is stored indefinitely within the HvM Asset Archive Site.

How will my final image products be received?

All imagery asset products are retrieved via a download link sent from our production department upon final payment at the completion of the project. Depending on your brand, we will also upload them through your brand’s image management system.